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      Updated on November 21, 2016

      Orthopedic Center

      Suining Central Hospital was founded in 1914, in which the Department of Orthopedics was established separately in 1962 and the Orthopedic Center was set up in 2014. At present, the Orthopedic Center has developed into a provincial key specialty integrating medical care, teaching, scientific research, prevention and health care as a whole. It includes 3 separate wards with 170 open beds: Ward One(Traumatic Orthopedics & Hand Surgery), Ward Two(Spine Surgery), and Ward Three(Joint Surgery).

      The Orthopedics Department, or the Orthopedic Center now, has always paid much attention to the construction of talents team. It has successively introduced and cultivated staff with master's or doctor's degree to enhance the strength of orthopedic medical team. Currently, there are 25 doctors in the center including 3 chief physicians, 4 associate chief physicians, 9 attending physicians, 9 residents, of whom 1 has doctor's degree, 16 have master's degree. With Doctor of Medicine at its core and Masters of Medicine being its main part, a sophisticated talents team is gradually taking shape.

      The Orthopedic Center is equipped with the following instruments: orthopedic multi-functional operation bed, orthopedic special traction bed, a full set of microsurgery instruments, external fixation devices, Spindous intervertebral foramen mirror system, operating microscope, arthroscope, high-speed milling & drilling system, fracture therapeutic apparatus, orthopedic surgery navigation equipment, etc. There are 5 dedicated operating rooms for the Orthopedic Center, which are equipped with high-tech devices including presently advanced flat plate three-dimensional mobile C arm imaging system, intraoperative spinal cord electrophysiological detection system, etc. These devices provide technical guarantees for the operating safety and precision of doctors and therefore safeguard patients' health.

      Features of expertise: The procedures and operations carried out routinely at the Orthopedic Center include limb complex fracture surgery, pelvic or acetabulum fracture reduction and internal fixation, artificial joint replacement of hip, knee and shoulder, the arthroscopic surgery, minimally-invasive procedures for joint lesions, soft tissue defect repair, limb replantation, microsurgical repair and functional reconstruction of nerve and vascular injury in limbs, orthomorphia of congenital malformations such as horseshoe varus foot, congenital hip dislocation, etc., limb salvage treatment for malignant bone tumors of limbs, artificial cervical disc replacement, microendoscopic discectomy(MED) and percutaneous endoscopic lumbar discectomy(PELD) for lumbar disc herniation, etc.